Nearly $900 Million in Dog-Related Injury Claims in 2021



By Loretta Worters, Vice President of Triple-Media I’s Relations


Pet owners will leave their animals at home alone when they return to work or school.

Behavior problems like separation anxiety may lead to hostile and harmful actions.

Dogs that were adopted during the epidemic and animals who are accustomed to having their owners at home may have issues because of this.


When the COVID-19 pandemic initially started, in March 2020, there were the most dog-related injury claims, according to State Farm.


Dog attacks increased 21.6 percent from March of the previous year, most likely as a result of owners’ stress, routine disruptions, and more individuals spending the day in the house with their dogs.

Experts predicted that the relaxation of limitations for activities outside the home will result in another rise in bites.

From 17,567 in 2020 to 17,989 in 2021, the total number of claims climbed marginally. These claims accounted for more than one-third of all homeowner’s liability claims paid out, totaling $881 million.


Costs associated with dog bite-related claims have been rising for years.

Due to rising medical costs and the upward trend in settlement, judgment, and jury award sizes, the average cost per claim nationwide grew by 39 percent from 2012 to 2021.


Dogs can knock down children, bicycles, and the elderly, which can cause expensive injuries and claim fees in addition to dog bites.


The most recent Triple-I dog bite claim statistics are made public in connection with National Dog Bite Prevention Week, a yearly initiative to lessen dog attacks.


Children are more vulnerable to dog bites and are more likely to suffer severe injuries, thus it is crucial for parents to instill in their children a sense of caution around both unfamiliar dogs and their own pets.


Dog training is obviously essential to preventing dog bites and associated damage for everyone, and the coordinators of National Dog Bite Prevention Week provide a wealth of useful advice.

Dog experts are once again concentrating their efforts this year on re-socializing animals who have been segregated with their people.


Triple-I advises you to confirm that the liability for dog bites and associated injuries is covered by your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

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