Businesses in Ukraine are protected by Political & Trade Credit Insurers from asset and profit losses.



Ukraine is one of the countries with the highest insured risks for trade credit insurance and political risk insurance (PRI) (TCI).

This began right away following the nation’s accession to statehood and precedes the current crisis in Ukraine.


Foreign businesses with cross-border commerce or interests in the extraction and manufacturing sectors frequently purchase PRI and TCI in Ukraine.

Russia’s attack of Ukraine will probably result in considerable new PRI losses, but private carriers should have no trouble fulfilling their obligations.

In fact, a number of factors, such as carriers’ reserves against potential losses in Ukraine and the significant role played by governmental and multilateral organizations in providing PRI and TCI coverage, have helped to significantly lower private carriers’ outstanding exposures to risks from Russia and Ukraine.



Losses brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would be classified as generalized political violence, more particularly under war, civil war, strikes, riots, and other forms of civil unrest.

While TCI’s credit default coverage generally guards against loss of profits due to force majeure, PRI coverage primarily protects against loss of assets or profits.

PRI and TCI offer coverage for loss of earnings brought on by penalties, depending on the terms of the coverage.


The bulk of private insurersthat offer PRI insurance has offices in Bermuda, Lloyd’s, and the United States.


Russian cyber attacks pose the biggest threat to American companies, regardless of whether they have operations, assets, or other economic dealings in Ukraine.

It is not required to have a PRI policy to protect against Russian cyberattacks on American companies operating in the country.